Taycan Emblem Inscription Gloss Black Logo Letter Badge Trunk Lid Nameplate for Porsche OEM

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Product Detail

Item Specs

Dimension: OEM size

Color: Gloss Black or Matte Black

Material: Premium Automotive ABS/PC

Part Number: G A 9J1 853 675 OU2 / 9J1 853 675 041 / 9J1 853 675 D 041 / 9J1 853 675 D OK1

Item comes with automotive double sided tape for better adhesion.

Item MAY NOT come in original package.



  • Clean and dry surface before application
  • Simply peel off the protective layer of the double sided tape
  • Allow the sticker to completely dry for 48 hours before exposing it to moisture/water.
  • It is buyer's responsibility to ensure part's fitment before placing orders. Please contact us when in doubt.

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